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Challenge Name: 31. Theatrics
Objective: Annoy the enemy!
Restrictions: While alive, you must announce your intent to harm your enemy, and/or issue a formal gentlemen's challenge, before attacking an enemy champion.

Whenever you die, you must deliver a dramatic monologue in /all chat for as long as you are dead. This monologue may relate to lamenting your fate, regretting your mistakes, swearing revenge upon your killer, or a similarly dramatic subject.

Challenge Name: 32. Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Objective: Win the game.
Restrictions: Beginning at five minutes, then every five minutes after that, each member of your team must relocate themselves to top, middle, bottom, at random (roll a die, or prepare a random lane order before the game, etc.) and continue farming/pushing there. All players must yell CHANGE PLACES! in all-chat before doing so.

Challenge Name: 33. 3rd Person Shooter
Objective: Win the game.
Restrictions: Team members must lock their cameras and zoom at least 2x

Challenge Name: 34. I Ain't Sayin' She a Grave Digger
Objective: Win the game.
Restrictions: Everytime your team kills an enemy you must place a ward on top of their corpse before thhe respawn as a memorial.

Challenge Name: 35. Damage ticks, ticks away...
Objective: Win the game.
Restrictions: All champions on your team must have a DOT(Damage Over Time) ability.

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