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Challenge Name: 16. Mental Warfare
Objective: Win the game by having the enemy team surrender.
Restrictions: Team members cannot damage enemy structures.

Challenge Name: 17. Die Another Day
Objective: Win the game.
Restrictions: Enemy towers can only be attacked by team members with less than 300 hp.

Challenge Name: 18. The Triple Double
Objective: Win the game.
Restrictions: All team members must have double digit kills, deaths, and assists

Challenge Name: 19. Go Go Map Awareness
Objective: Your team must have at all times 10 wards deployed on the map whose vision does not overlap.
Restrictions: If a team member dies in the enemy jungle, you must surrender.

Challenge Name: 20. You Go This Way, I'll Go That Way?
Objective: Win the game.
Restrictions: Team members cannot communicate in chat or vent. No communication! No 3 team members can be within ward vision distance of each other.

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