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Challenge Name: 11. Gandhi Wins
Objective: Win the game.
Restrictions: Team members cannot kill any enemy players.

Challenge Name: 12. Turtle Power
Objective: Win the game.
Restrictions: Team members can only purchase boots and Protective items.

Challenge Name: 13. Night of a Thousand Ninjas
Objective: Your entire team must gank an enemy in the jungle.
Restrictions: Team members may only select ability heroes.

Challenge Name: 14. Marked For Death
Objective: Win the game.
Restrictions: Select one member of the other team. He is the only member of the opposing team that may be killed. He must die at least once every five minutes. Concede if he lives for longer than five minutes or if you accidentally kill somebody other than the target.

Challenge Name: 15. Ultimate Force
Objective: Ace the enemy team at least twice and win.
Restrictions: Team members must use their ultimates as soon as they are available/come off cooldown.

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