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Challenge Name: 1. Tonight No Spartan Dies!
Objective: Win the game.
Restrictions: If a team member dies within the first 20 minutes, you fail the challenge and must surrender.

Challenge Name: 2. It's Going to be a Long Night
Objective: Win the game.
Restrictions: Team members cannot leave the base unless they have at least two empty item slots. You cannot kill more than one enemy inhibitor.

Challenge Name: 3. Your Blood is Quite Pleasing... A Pity There's Not Enough For Both of Us
Objective: At least two enemies must get so upset at how awesome your team's roleplaying is that they make angry comments in chat. Monologuing after killing somebody usually works well.
Restrictions: Team members must roleplay their characters in /all chat.

Challenge Name: 4. AD Soraka Report Plz
Objective: Win the game or don't lose the game before 45 minutes.
Restrictions: Your team can only select champions with the support tag.

Challenge Name: 5. The Dragon Has No Chance
Objective: Win the game and kill every dragon that spawns.
Restrictions: Each team member must take the smite skill.

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